How Gadget Affect My Life?

In this very first participation in Blog English Club I try my best in writing using English. I believe there is so many people who will help me if I am make a lot of mistake in my posting. Or maybe another one just laughed my post when they’re realize how bad when I am writing in English. But I think its better called stupid by writing something rather than pretending as a smart people by doing nothing. Am I right?

Straight to the point, how gadget affect my life? Honestly, the answer is gadgets doesn’t affect to much in my life. Even I have a gadget (cellular phone) but I just use it for my daily activity like to call my wife and my kids when I was not at home. Using social media never make me becoming addicted and make me become antisocial. As a laboratory worker, I dont meet so many people during my job and its make me dont have so much friend. But I am a thirty seven years old man who have a happy family and I dont have much time to make a friendship with a lot of people. I think one or two “real friends” is better than a hundred friends in our facebook friendlist. But I have to recognized that gadgets make me becoming a blogger until nowaday.

* For anyone (if there’s exist) who read this post, please pay your attention to the way I am writing this post. I am very apreciated if you teach me to be better writer in the future. About the content, I think there is nothing interesting to commented. Just like what Mr Dani said ” make it just for fun not to be serious”.

As a participation in Blog English Club challenge EF#3 How Gadget Affect My Life

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12 Balasan ke How Gadget Affect My Life?

  1. Okti D. berkata:

    Indeed, I agree with you. Especially when you said that one or two “real friends” is better than a hundred friends in our facebook friendlist🙂

  2. Titik Asa berkata:

    Gadget? Sepertinya sih sudah jadi bagian dari keseharian saya Kang.
    Email, chatting, membaca on line news dan ngetwit itu yang sering saya lakukan via gadget…
    Wah, berbahasa Inggris nih Kang. Lanjutkan…


  3. Ryan berkata:

    Akang…. akhirnya ikutan juga.
    Akang… itu Mba Mikan (Riemikan) adalah salah satu mentor dalam BEC Kang.

    Maaf ya Kang baru bisa BW dan komen di sini sekarang. :d
    Kalau dari saya sih:
    a lot of mistake – a lot of mistake(S)

    And totally agree with… better to called stupid than pretending smart but do nothing. Act speaks louder than word. Welcome to the club Akang…..

  4. Ping balik: [EF#3 Weekly Recap] How Gadgets Affect Our Life | Blog English Club

  5. riemikan berkata:

    Hi and welcome to BEC. We appreciate your participation in our 3rd challenge. We are here to learn and improve our English together ad a group so it’s absolutely guaranteed that no one will laugh at anyone’s writing 😊 Now commenting as a BEC member, please pay attention more to the subject and corresponding verb such as in: The answer is gadgets doesnt (DONT) affect to (TOO) much in my life. In a more common way, this sentence can be written as “the answer is gadgets don’t affect my life too much. Using social media never make me addicted or anti social. As a laboratory worker I don’t meet so many people at work which is why I don’t have many friends. Excellent effort on your first challenge. Please keep on participating!

  6. I agree with you Kang, we control our gadget, not gadget control ourselves😉 .

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