[EF#5 Weekly Challenge] What is BEC to You?

The fifth challenge from Blog English Club it seem a simple question. But as usually I need to think hard to answer the question by two reason. First, what should I write and the other reason is how I have to write in English. Very first time I knew Blog English Club is from Mr Dani’s blog, one of the famous blogger all over the world:mrgreen: . I don’t need a long time to say “I have to join this Club”. I guess it will going easy to answer every challenge from BEC. At the first challenge I try to write something, but I dont know why its feel so hard to make it happen. I realize its have been a long time since I was in college, I never write anything in English seriously. I only using English such as HBD to say Happy Birthday or GWS to say Get Well Soon on the socmed. And then I failed at the first challenge from BEC. Worstly, at the second challenge the story still have no different. Finally, I could finished the third challenge from BEC. Even only a single paragraph that I could writed (because the other paragraphs is only bla bla bla).

From the first paragraph I try to find what is the most represented word to explain what is BEC to me?


Yeah of course, BEC is the motivation to me.
Motivation to learn and more and more
Motivation to confess that I know nothing in writing English
Motivation to reach my private goals ” I have to be able to writing in English in a year”
Motivation to keep write and write (especialy in English)
Motivation to say “never give up”

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13 Balasan ke [EF#5 Weekly Challenge] What is BEC to You?

  1. Nia Nastiti berkata:

    BEC is also motivate me to write better in English😀

  2. Andik Taufiq berkata:

    Keep the spirit Kang… sorry for the late comment…😀

  3. Ping balik: [EF#5 Weekly Recap] What is BEC to You? | Blog English Club

  4. Ami berkata:

    Yes, let’s keep our spirit to learn English🙂.

  5. riemikan berkata:

    Hello there, kudos for participating in the challenge.
    Carrying on after Ryan, I’d like to add a couple more comment:
    – The 5th challenge from BEC SEEMS LIKE a simple question but as USUAL I need to think hard to answer IT for two reasonS. (Combined the sentences too).
    – First, what I SHOULD write (dibalik karena bukan pertanyaan) and the OTHER is how TO WRITE in English. THE very first time I knew ABOUT/FOUND OUT about BEC WAS from Dani’s blog, one of the famous bloggerS (one of xxxx – dalam konteks ini kata bendanya selalu jamak).

    I will stop here 😊 please keep on participating in the challenges. We truly enjoy blogwalking to yours!

  6. Ryan berkata:

    Wah Akang. You are one step before me in writing this challenge.
    Bahkan belum bikin draft. Hahaha.

    Memang kang. Dani itu blogger ternama di seluruh dunia. Hahaha

    Kang. Aku coba kasih koreksi dikit ya. Yang aku tahu aja.

    At the first challenge I try to write something,
    Untuk yang itu. Soal preposition At bener apa gak aku gak bs komen. Msh bingung juga. Tapi soal I try to write. Itu harusnya I tried to write. Karena dah kejadian kan kang?

    Btw kang. Bisa join meet up BEC gak. Tgl 28 Feb ini. Di perpustakaan Kemendikbud yang dkt GBK. Deket dr ktr Akang kan.

  7. dani berkata:

    Kaaang, thank you very-very-very much for submitting the post. We do really appreciate it! It is an honor for us receving your submission. By the way Kang, I also have the same difficulty writing in English. I often write then re-read my post due to grammatical confusion. So now I’m using grammarcheck.net to help me writing Kang. Thanks again ya Kang..🙂

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