[EF#6 Weekly Challenge] Alter Ego


I think the challenges from BEC getting harder week by week. At the last challenge I have to write about “Alter Ego”. Even there is a litle description from Wikipedia but I still confused to understanding that word. Honestly, in my skeptical mind I dont believe there’s someone with double life in reality. A story about someone with double life maybe will only find in the movies story. But the challenge is challenge and I have to face it with all I can do.

As an ordinary people I through day by day as father and a leader of the family. Trying to be a good dady, teaching my kids anything that I thought it useful for their future. And of course I always try to keep my behaviour look perfect in front of them. I never show my anger when they doing something wrong. I also never debate with my wife in front of them when we’re getting involved in trouble.

My favourite time along with them when we singing together while watching TV screen. Usually we singing a kids songs such as balonku, cicak-cicak di dinding, and many others. Not just singing, I also have to dancing or pretending like an animal. Walking with the monkey’s style, jumping like a litle rabbit or screaming like a tiger. They’re never stop to laughed everytime I did that.

The very different story was happened on the day that I couldn’t forget. Someday I found a Compact Disc without labels. But its looked familiar at me. I took it curiously and then I played it at the CD player. At the beginning, I heard a sound of guitar, playing an intro of the song. At just a few second I recognize about the song. “Sweet child of mine” is one of the most fenomenal song from a super band rock called “Guns N Roses”. My finger pressing the volume button unconsciously and the sound becoming louder. My head started to moved through the music, my body started to jump and also I doing “head banger” an iconic style in the rock music. And suddenly I pretending like a rockstar which perform on the stage and watched by thousands viewer.

In the middle of the sound of music, my youngest son coming suddenly and said “Dady what are you doing?”. He looked at me like he never recognize me before. But I didn’t stop my moved and just smiled to my son. My son running out to his mother and said ” Momy…momy…dady becoming crazy!”. My wife came and said ” I know you like rock song very much but please enjoyed the music normaly and never make your son freak out”. And then he tried to explained to our son what just happened. ” Your dady very love that kind of music and he love to sang a song. There is no different when you singing your song and dady must pretending like an animal”. My son look agree with the explanation from his mother and he asked me to played the rock songs again. Oke kid lets get rock….yeaaah.

I dont know my story can explained my opinion about alter ego or its only my passion. But I believe if I had an alter ego it should be a rockstar.

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3 Balasan ke [EF#6 Weekly Challenge] Alter Ego

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  2. Ping balik: [EF#6 Weekly Recap] Alter Ego | Blog English Club

  3. Beby berkata:

    Sama. Aku jugak ngerasa tema BEC makin payah tiap minggunya. Wkwkwk😀

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