[EF#7] Happy Dirty Friendly


To answer the 7th challenge from Blog English Club I tried to found any idea. Fortunately, I get the ideas in easily when I accompanied my son this morning.

This photo was taken this morning when I was played together with my youngest son, Akbar (red clothes) and two of his cousins. Yesterday I was visited my extended family in Bogor, about an hour driving in distance. They live in the rural and the most of residant work as farmers. As usually, Akbar was verry happy in every time we going there. He like to play in his grandfather’s fishpond. The grandfather is a fish farmers too who has a lot of fishpond. One of the fiew kind of fish he has maintained is a catfish.

Akbar wake up early in this morning and he asked me to take him to the fishpond. He like to see his grandfather feeding the fish. Sometimes he allowed to feed the fish by himself and he will accept the job with pleasure. This time he accompanied by two of his cousins. They were talking and laughing all the way to happy. They always make me smile while I following them. I often have to warn them when we pass through a narrow dirt road and slippery. Akbar did worst than his cousins when he has to walk on dirt road. He always left behind his cousins along the way. This can be understood, Akbar was the youngest one of them and rarely played at the fishpond rather than his cousins.

Playing at the fishpond is a good outdoor activity for Akbar. He can breathe fresh air and watch a beautiful scenery. Moreover, he playing with his friends. There is no big deal if his clothes hit by mud and dirt. The most important for me as his father, Akbar feeling happy and have a nice friendly even by playing in dirty.


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14 Balasan ke [EF#7] Happy Dirty Friendly

  1. berhubung saya tak bisa bahasa inggris salam kenal aja ya๐Ÿ™‚

  2. rabbani75 berkata:

    thank’s for share

  3. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb Kang Abi… Anak-anak memang selalu asyik bermain dengan lumpur terutama anak-anak bandar. Pasti Akbar tidak bisa melupakan pengalaman di kolam ikan datuknya. Salam sejahtera dari Sarikei, Sarawak.๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ryan berkata:

    Ah serunya kang.
    Btw kang, post akang mau diksh ke mentor buat review n di post di blog BEC. Boleh?

  5. Fanny Novia berkata:

    holla abi Gilang, ngeliat sawah di foto ini jadi ngingetin aku sama sawah di belakang rumah di kampung..menyenangkan liat anak-anak beraktivitas di luar rumah kayak gini, daripada diem aja mplototin gadget

  6. dani berkata:

    How I love reading your post about your kid’s activities. Reminds me of good old days back when I was a kid. Thank you Kang.

  7. nengwie berkata:

    Akbar paling kecil tapi paling besar badannya yaa… ๐Ÿ˜™

  8. Outdoor activity is bettet than gadget thing๐Ÿ˜‰ .

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