[EF#8 – Weekly Challenge] Write a Letter to the Younger You

Hi You….!
I write this letter to you for the first time since last ten years. And for the beginning let me introduce you who am I. I am is someone who know you rather than anyone else in the world. I know all of your dream and all your secret, so you can’t hide anything to me. You know why? because I am is your ten-years future.

The very first thing I want to asking you “Have you ever thinking to joint with some english language course?”. If at this time you learn English well, I believe I can write this letter quickly and less of efort. I don’t need to choose word by word and arrange them to make a single sentence. And also I dont need to open google translate frequently. Nevertheless I will not blame you in this condition. I know there are so many dreams that you want to accomplish. Try to make your parents proud of you, helping your young brothers to finish their college and have your own home immediately. You forget to improve yourself as an investment for your future. Your thinking in very simple way “more work to get more money”. And than you realize that is a bad idea for your career and try to continue your study. Your next dream to continue study bring you to a crossroad when your parents ask you to get married immediatelly. The two choices between study and having your own family becoming your hardest decision.

In the next ten years after you decided to get married. I experienced life in totally different way from your expectations. My first child was declared bears Cerebral Palsy by doctor and I become a parent with special needs kid. Living with special needs kid was not such a funny story to tell and even harder to live with. There’s a lot of efort to live with him, I forgot all of my dream before. I dedicate all my life to be a good parent for him. For someone who couldn’t walk even a single step, he couldn’t say a words in a clearly. He also couldn’t asked to drinking by himselves, to pick his own hand and other simple task. He demanded my patience until the limit. But at the same time I learned a lot of things from him to through this life.

“Thank you” is the only word that I can tell you for all you have done for me. I dont blame you for any decision you’ve made. This life is too beautiful to be blamed just because you did or didn’t something in the past.

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The ordinary people
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5 Balasan ke [EF#8 – Weekly Challenge] Write a Letter to the Younger You

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, Kang Abi…

    Apabila kita mengenang kembali masa lalu dan cuba menginspirasi masa depan menjadikan kita tahu apa yang kita perlu lakukan sepuluh tahun yang lalu atau sepuluh tahun yang bakal mendatang. Semua itu memerlukan kebijaksanaan kita dalam berfikir dan mendorong diri untuk menjadi lebih baik dari semalam. Hidup ini sangat keras dan perlu dihadapi dengan penuh semangat. Salut buat surat yang mencerahkan agar semua bisa mengambil teladannya.

    Salam sejahtera dari Sarikei, Sarawak.

  2. Info Menarik berkata:

    Kalau baca postingan Bahasa Inggris saya jadi ga bisa komentar kang … hahahaha
    Btw sudah lama ga main sini, berapa tahun ya?
    Masih ingat saya kang?

  3. tu2t widhi berkata:

    *shivers* beautiful…
    *shed tears*

  4. dani berkata:

    Kang, you gave me shiver reading your post. Beautiful. Semoga berkah dan rahmat Allah selalu tercurah ya Kang. *maap gak ngerti gimana bahasa Inggrisnya*

  5. Ryan berkata:

    Beautifully written kang Abi. I can feel how hard your life is. Be strong. I am reading the last paragraph with a smile and blessing. You teach me another way to be grateful Kang.

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