[#EF9-Weekly Challenge] First Meet Up As A Blogger


The 9th challenge from BEC is about an experience to meet up with another blogger. As a blogger, meet up with other blogger is something you cannot be avoided. You can write a hundreds article in your blog and be read by so many followers and you feel satisfied. But when you can meet up with someone who read your article and discuss it directly, your satisfaction will be more perfect. Direct relationship still more valuable and cannot replace by undirect comunication using internet.

My first meet up was occured in mid-year 2011 with Budi. He also have blog named Bensdoing but in the last year he changed his blog to capung2. For the first time I read his blog and I know he interested at bicycle. In the same time I started to looking for some bike community on my neighbourhood. His residence was not far away from mine and I dont need too much effort for my first meet up. And than we continue to ride a bicycle together at least once in a month. Discussing about blog while riding bicycle becoming our menu in every time we meet up. Budi is the family man who love his family so much. At the first impression I can feel that he was a wise man and also a humble man.

I knew all of his family member when visited his home. From there I began to know that one of his son had a growth problem. Even the problem less complicated rather than my son’s condition who declared as a Cerebral Palsy kids. The same condition make our relationship becoming closer and the main topics of our discussion also become different. Mostly we discussed about parenting and family problem and sometime we were forgot that we meet up for the first time as a blogger. In the last year Budi was stopped from blogging activities but our communication never stopped and he tried to started blogging activitites in a last few month. But for me, whatever he was, a blogger or not, he still be my friend until nowaday.

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3 Balasan ke [#EF9-Weekly Challenge] First Meet Up As A Blogger

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum wr.wb, kang Abi…

    Mempunyai teman blogger yang dulu hanya dikenali melalui blog dan kini sudah bertemu yang akhirnya menjadi sahabat merupakan anugerah Tuhan yang tidak ternilai. Malah bisa berkongsi cerita yang menghasilkan keakraban dan persaudaraan. Mudahan persahabatan dengan Budi diredhai Allah SWT hingga akhir hayat. Aamiin.

    Salam dari Sarikei, Sarawak.

  2. dani berkata:

    This post feels warm in heart kang. I love reading it. I believe that your friendship with Budi is very genuine. It is a treasure to have such a relationship with someone you meet online.

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