[EF#10-Weekly Challenge] Hot Spicy Petis

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Again and again I write to face the last challenge from BEC at the last day. Although I read the challenge at the first day when the challenge launched. I know this is not a good habit for a blogger to write toward deadline. And oftenly I miss an opportuniy when I got an idea. I try to write about Indonesian food although I have limited experiences at culinary. Until I graduated from Senior High School, I didn’t know it was like eating at a fastfood restaurant. So when the challenge asked me to write about foods I only tried to reminded my experiences at my childhood.

I was lived at the village which the most people worked as a farmers. My village located in the foothills and not far away from the jungle. There is so many kind of fruits and vegetebles planted by farmers such as chili, cucumber, guava and so many kind of beans. And the one of my favorite foods was made from these foodstuff called petis. I believe petis is the kind of foods known well in Indonesia with a different name. The basic ingredient of petis was very simple, it’s containt salt, brown sugar and kencur and the most important thing is chili. Sometimes we can also add terasi for more tasty. Grind all ingrediant at the mortar and add some water until mixed well. And spicy petis is ready to serve.

We could not ate petis without any other fruits, because petis just like a complement to make fruits more tasty. Ussualy I ate petis with cucumbar, papaya, guava or mango. We better do not choose the fruits that are too ripe. The raw fruits are even better to ate together with petis in a taste. But it all depend to the personal tastes. Hot spicy petis blended with freshly fruit in the mouth would make you ate petis again and again. But dont forget, too much eat hot spicy petis could make a trouble with your stomach.

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