[EF#11 – Weekly Challenge] Outfit of The Day


[EF#11 – Weekly Challenge] Outfit of The Day

Until now I have never pay an attention too much about what I wear every day. For me the only rule is “my clothes is suitable for the event will I go”. Otherwise, the host will announce the dress code of the event. At my workplace I have to follow the regulation from the company. At monday and tuesday I had to wear a white shirt and dark blue pants. At friday I had to wear batik shirt and at thursday and wednesday there is no regulation about the clothes.

When I’m not working, I like to wear informal clothing. My favorit is an ethnic clothing especially sundanesse clothing. One of the iconic clothing accessories from sundanesse clothing is headband. The headband has a rectangular form and the size about 60 cm square. In sundanesse culture there’s so many method to wear the headband and each method has its own name such as parekos jengkol, barangbang semplak. And also there is a philosophical value at every method. I feel proud when I wear that kind of headband. Especially when I can show it to the foreign. In the other culture we can find the same accessories such as minang, java and also papua. And I hope we always be proud to wear traditional clothes in every ways.

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2 Balasan ke [EF#11 – Weekly Challenge] Outfit of The Day

  1. Gara berkata:

    I only wear traditional clothes for traditional occasions only, Kang, such as praying in the temple or attending traditional ceremonies :hehe. You are so great, as you are proud in wearing that every time you could. Two thumbs up!!

  2. dani berkata:

    Thank you Kang for joining the challenge. For my daily outfit, I can only wear batik for the traditional one. I don’t get much chance to wear it during working hours while outside of it I prefer to wear simple t-shirt, pants and sandals.😛
    You have a lovely picture Kang. It must be a nice vacation.😀

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