[EF#12 weekly challenge] I Have No Other Choices

motorcycle and rain

Latest challenge from BEC was about transport. For the most people who lived in Jakarta and surrounding areas, this topic (transport) was a stressful topic to discuss. The problem in transportation system in Jakarta was very complicated. The growth in the number of vehicles is very much and it is not balanced with the increasing of roads. Everyday, especially in the rush hour traffic jam happened in all roads. Bad behaviour from a half road users making the situation getting worse. But somehow, this situation must be faced and become the part of life for us who lived here.

Yesterday, on march 28, I went to my workplace at 01 PM. The weather was very hot at that time. I rode my motor cycle toward south of Jakarta. The weather changes quickly when I was arrived at Ciputat area and suddenly I surrounded by heavy rain. I stopped my motorcycle at the roadside and I wore my raincoat in a hurry. I turn on my motorcycle and continued my trip. I rode my motorcycle in the wet roads for a few minute before the rain stopped quickly. I still wore my raincoat in the sunny weather at Pondok Pindang area but I was not the only rider who still wore raincoat while riding motorcycle.

For motorcycle riders, what I wrote above was very familiar story. That is one of the risk when someone choosing a motorcycle for their daily transportation. For me, there is no other choice except use motorcycle as my daily transportation. According to many report about traffic accident, motorcycle was the first rank vehicles which getting involved with traffic accident. But this fact can not make me to switch my transportation mode. By using motorcycle I can reach all place quickly. As a comparison, I need less than one hour to reach my workplace by using motorcycle but I need two or three hours using a car or other public transportation. This is one reason I still using motorcycle until now. I only using a car when the situation forced me such as going on trip with all family members.

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7 Balasan ke [EF#12 weekly challenge] I Have No Other Choices

  1. Beby berkata:

    Sama, Bang.. Aku jugak naik motor, dan cenderung terpaksa karena transportasi umum di Medan kayaknya jauh lebih membahayakan..πŸ˜›

  2. dani berkata:

    I was a motorcycle user myself Kang and I can relate to your story. It is indeed the fastest and cheapest transportation choice. Thanks Kang for joining the challenge..

  3. ar syamsuddin berkata:

    I think you have chosen the right transportation mode by using motorsycle for reaching your workplace quickly. But you too must be careful of unexpected things on the road in Jakarta…salam

  4. rizzaumami berkata:

    By motorcycle, we can ‘salip sana-salip sini’πŸ˜€

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