[EF#13 Weekly Challenge] My kid, My Sport


For this challenge I don’t wait to write my post at sunday like I always did before. This weekend it seem will be a busy weekend for me. My plan for this long weekend is to visit my family at Sumedang city. I am afraid if I don’t have much time to face the challenge from BEC in this week. The first time I read about the topic, I doubted myself to face of challenge. Honestly, although I knew “sport” was something important in my life but until now I have not been able to do it constantly.

Once in a year, I undergo general medical check up. Usually, before I do that I have to fill out a form. The form contain some questions about my medical history throughout that year. Among these questions there is one question which reads ” What sport do you do in the last year and how often ? “. Two – three years ago I answered these question with “riding a bicycle once a week for 2 – 3 hours”. But in the last two years I never did it again and “laziness” was the only word for the reason.


If I still have to answer the question “Which sport do you choose?”, I will say ” walking “…. yeah just walking. Usually I did that with my little kid, Akbar. I work with shift schedule, sometime I work at night or sometime work at ordinary office hours. Whenever I stayed at home in the morning, Akbar always asked me to accompanied him around the home environment. At the beginning we walking together around home environment. We talk each other all the way. Akbar always asked me about something made him curious such as plants, animal and anything. We spend time for an hour or more before going back home.

We did this activity almost for a year, once or twice a week. But since the last month the story changed. Since the last month Akbar could ride a bicycle without helper wheels and it was made him very happy. Today, every time I accompanied him rode his bicycle I had to run to equal the speed. This simple activity is enough to make me sweating. Maybe nobody called this activity as a sport activity but I will keep to do this “sport” as long as I can.

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4 Balasan ke [EF#13 Weekly Challenge] My kid, My Sport

  1. nianastitin berkata:

    Wah kebiasaannya bagus sekali cek kesehatan setahun sekali gitu. kayaknya saya perlu mencontoh. Jalan kaki memang bagus, bahkan bisa jadi lebih baik daripada lari yang kencang tapi cuma sebentar, jalan menggerakkan semua organ😀

  2. Beby berkata:

    Jalan-jalan memang enak.. Ngga perlu banyak biaya, sehat lagi😀

  3. Akang you have to run or Akbar will arrive first on the final line .. go go go😆 .
    I also like to walk. Everyday my sweet boy Benjamin and I, we often go around the city. Sometimes we dont buy anything, we just enjoy the nature😉 .

    • abi_gilang berkata:

      I can figuring out when Benjamin could ride the bicycle by his own and you will more busy everyday. Ah I can’t wait to read your post when it all happen🙂

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