[EF#14 Weekly Challenge] School Time vs Movie Time


“What do you thinking when I tell you these names Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo ?”. If I don’t displayed any image in this post I believe many people will answer these names was a famous painting or sculpture artists. Who does not know Leonardo da Vinci ? The maker of famous painting called “monalisa”. I knew these names since the first year at Junior High School. But they were not about great painter at all. I knew these names as the names of cartoon characters called “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)”.

The story of TMNT was begin when four of turtles contaminated by very high radiation materials. And then they deformed into some creature with intelligence and ability like human being. They are trained by “guru splinter” to become proficient ninja. They consist of four member Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo. They are together eradicate crime in Manhattan city. They also has some “human” friends to help them in performing their duties. One of their friend is April O’Neil who work as journalist. And the biggest enemy that always make them busy called Shredder. Shredder coming from other planets to invade the earth. But he never made his dream come true because Donatello cs always ready to keep the earth.

Why this cartoon character become my favorite? Although at the same time I also watched Flash Gordon, Megaloman and other cartoon movies. Until 1989 there is no other tv channel that I watched but TVRI. I dont have a change to choose any tv programs I liked. I watched what TVRI wanted to show. When RCTI appeared for the first time in 1989 I felt curiously to saw their programs. RCTI aired at limited time at the beginning and also we has to used specific antenna to catch the broadcast. Unfortunately, RCTI aired at the same time with my school time. For the first year in Junior High School my time school lasts between 13 to 17 pm. At the same time TMNT movie aired on RCTI. I have trouble to saw the movie. On several time I did not go to school just because I want to watch this movie. I always feel guilty every time I remember what I did.

This is the story of my favorite cartoon movie to face the BEC challenge.

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3 Balasan ke [EF#14 Weekly Challenge] School Time vs Movie Time

  1. Beby berkata:

    Nonton film Kura-Kura Ninja yang ada Megan Foxnya ngga?😀

  2. febridwicahya berkata:

    Aaaaaaakh, kura-kura ninja :3

  3. Dulu di masa kecil saya suka nonton Flash Gordon🙂

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