[EF#16] Value Of Life From Tales

Finally I finished my post after I missed the last challenge from BEC. I hope that will not happen anymore in the future. And this is my post for 16th challenge from BEC.

Everyone through the life by its life value respectively. Whoever the person must have believed their life value. Although not everyone is furthermore always able to run a truth value that they trust. A criminal does not mean assume crime is a truth. It may be that he committed a crime because of a compulsion. Everyone can learn about life value from anywhere. Can be learned from the school or other places. Of course, the ultimate value of life is studied at home with parents as teachers. One of the lessons of life values can ​​taught through stories or local tales.

Listening story or tales is one of my habits when I child. I knew some stories and tales from my teachers at the school, my spiritual teachers, parents and also from radio broadcasts. Teachers at the school usually tell stories about the popular folklore from all over the country. I studied at the school which did not have good library facilities so I can not have a chance to read much books in the library. My spiritual teacher usually tell stories about prophets and other religious stories. My parents used to tell stories about the struggle in the era of fighting for independence. Listened tales or stories from the radio broadcasts was the most often I did. At that time, the radio became one of the most entertained device for the public. Radio is the cheaper and more accessible entertainment rather than television for the public. I often listened the story of a warrior defenders of truth. The story of how the truth should be fought against crime.

Of all the tales I’ve ever heard, I learned a lot of life values. The world is always running with two things that are always opposite. There are good and bad, black and white, hard and easy. From story and tales I learned how to compliance with the orders of parents. I must always try to be kind to them. I believe that against to parents rules will affected bad impact. Stories and tales are also taught that the truth must be fought. No matter how difficult we should always have faith that the truth will always defeat

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  1. nianastiti berkata:

    Yep, the tales always show us the black and white side🙂

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