[EF#17] Never Lost My Goals

Questions about the goals of the future is a question for everyone. Although the question was identical for children. Children are always enthusiastic to answer questions about their goals. It should be recognized that children are a brave man. They never afraid to have dreams. There’s always an answer when they get questions about goals. While the adults always difficult to answer when asked about their goals. Maturity does not make them easy to express goals. In fact they are more afraid to express their goals.

When I was a child I had many goals such as doctors, engineers also president. There was never a moment of fear says it all. All goals are not impossible to be realized. Entering junior school mu goals become more realistic. When entering high school, questions about the goals begin to be a question that I can not answer. My goals unobstructed various obstacles. My goals to become a doctor slowly began to fade as I realized that in order to be able to study at the faculty of medicine need a lot of cost and high ability to pass the selection.

Nevertheless, I still have one dream that did not disappear from the mind, that is becoming agricultural experts. My family came from the village and worked as a farmer. Farming has become an integral part of my life. So appropriate for me to have goals as agricultural experts. I want to change the lives of the people around me to be more prosperous. Agriculture in the traditional way is not able to make them become prosperous. I think they need to change their farming practices to become more modern.

In fact, this time my goal was not realized. I left my hometown and stay in the capital. Working in the medical field and not in agriculture. Not as a doctor like that became my goal first. But I never lost my goal to become agronomists. I’m still trying to work in agriculture, although not become agronomists.

* Posted for 17 th weekly challenge from BEC.

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2 Balasan ke [EF#17] Never Lost My Goals

  1. Beby berkata:

    Terus kerja apaan dongs, Bang? *kepo*

  2. Febriyan Lukito berkata:

    What kind of work do you want to do in agro industries Kang?

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