[EF#18] There’s Never Uncomplicated Relationship With Debt

Are you currently in debt?
A question that will get the answer “yes” rather than “no. Having loan is now being a part of life for the most people. Someone who is rich does not mean he does not have debt. The level of wealth does not make a person get out of debt problem. Oftenly, more wealth a person more debt he had. In fact, it might just beggars who have no debt. Until now I also have debt. I owe to the bank and my own company where I work in. Debt has made life uncomfortable. Everytime I received salary, it has to cut to pay my debt. And also bills to be paid every month such as electricity or mortgage payments and car payments. I have to arrange finance every month in order to meet all the needs and repay debt on time.

Complicated relationship does not always happen between two people, man and woman, brother and sister and others. And this is the story of my own complicated relationship. I began to have a debt since it started working. The first debt I have is a debt purchase a television. Television I gave to my parents in the village. I have to have payments for ten months until full. Since that time I have never got out of debt. Buy motorcycle, buy a house and a vehicle. All I purchase by debt way. I feel hate with debt. It make me uncomfortable. There is always a fear in the mind. Fear of debt is not paid off and the goods we buy must be sold back. But I can not escape from debts problem yet. My relationship with debt is a complicated relationship. I hate it but I needed debt.

* This is my post about Complicated Relationship. I hope it’s not out of topics from BEC challenge in this week.

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3 Balasan ke [EF#18] There’s Never Uncomplicated Relationship With Debt

  1. Taqorrub berkata:

    kalau hubungan sudah complicated, ada baik nya break dulu sob😉

  2. Febriyan Lukito berkata:

    Ah, same as me as-well Kang. Still having debt in life.😀

  3. dani berkata:

    Indeed Kang. It is also one of my goals being debt free. Everything is so complicated with it.

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