[EF#20] Relationship Effect

After almost a week in Sumatera land without a chance to open a blog, finally I was able to answer the challenges from BEC. Challenges about the effects of a relationship to career and other things.

A relationship that occurs among humans will affect everything around it. I myself got job for the first time after I got a job information from my friend. It could say an effect of a relationship. I have children as an effect of my relationship with my wife. There are so many example around us to explain how the relationships worked and gave so much effect in our life. Career in the work can be influenced by relationships with colleagues and leaders. Relationships can be positive and negative. Positive relationship means a relationship which occurs fairly at work, while a negative relationship is a relationship that is not fair.

Relationship in marriage is the most complicated relationships that I’ve experienced. The marriage relationship is not just about the relationship between two person. Marriage involves two families with many problems that follow behind. Successful marriage relationship will have a positive impact on other problems. The family is the place back when we feel the difficulties outside the home. Families can give new spirit after we tired to work outside.

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